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What is Soil Stabilisation?

Any method of changing the soil structure to meet an engineering purpose, which helps prevent soil erosion and assists with drainage solutions.

Processes and Methods

One of the oldest and proven methods of soil stabilisation is mechanical stabilisation. Mechanical methods include physically adding building materials to the soil in order to alter its gradation and solidity.

Soil Stabilisation can also be achieved by the addition of different structural elements and procedures such as:

  • Rock and Soil nails
  • Ground anchors
  • Self drilling Anchors
  • Temporary or Permanent rock and soil nails
  • Grass roots matting
  • Mac matting

These all help increase the strength of the material being built upon.

Factors affecting the mechanical stability of the soil include:

  • Strength and contents of the constituent materials
  • The amount of materials and gradation in the mix
  • The current percentage of soil binding
  • The mixing, rolling, and compaction processes being used
  • Environmental conditions

The Benefits of Soil Stabilisation

  • Accelerates the construction process
  • Strengthening – where soil structure is poor
  • Prevents soil erosion
  • Reduces the need for expensive surface treatments
  • Reduces the need to transport additional soil materials to the site
  • Mechanical methods are cheaper than other procedures

QLD Shotcrete Services – Your Soil Stabilisation Specialists

 At Queensland Shotcrete Services we specialise in soil stabilisation in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or anywhere else in Queensland. Our highly skilled ground engineers will deliver soil stabilisation techniques that can be used for any civil, commercial or residential project.

The team at Queensland Shotcrete Services can use soil stabilisation to help with the bearing capacity for the base of your next build, or even a retaining wall that not only reinforces your sloped or elevated landscape but also works as an excellent solution for runoff.

We provide our services for all residential, commercial and civil projects throughout Australia from our headquarters on the Gold Coast. If you need professional soil stabilisation in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or anywhere else in Queensland contact us for a free quote today.


qldshotcrete soil stabilisation
qldshotcrete soil stabilisation
Soil Stabilisation


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