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An Artificial Rock Wall or Shotcrete Retaining Wall can be a practical and visually pleasing addition to your residential or commercial property. The purpose of all Retaining Walls is to hold the ground together behind them.

At Qld Shotcrete Services our Retaining Walls can range from a small stone Retaining Wall, to a large garden surround to an enormous ground anchored soil Retaining Wall made of shotcrete.

Built for longevity

At Queensland Shotcrete Services we create concrete Retaining Walls and artificial rock walls that look good, do their job and are built for longevity. We use the most comprehensive up to date methods of Soil Stabilisation available so your new Retaining Wall will stand up to all mother nature has to offer and will still be there for your grandchildren’s children to see.

Retaining wall advantages

Here are a few:

  • They support key structures by keeping soil in place
  • Prevent sink holes and decrease the “eye sore” of dirt piles
  • Prevent flooding and help with soil erosion
  • Low maintenance
  • Prevent property damage

Retaining walls serve a functional role in preventing soil erosion from destroying your landscape or building structure. They use ground anchoring methods to stabilise sloped landscapes, and or provide level surfaces on inclines.

Retaining walls are incredibly durable, they enhance your property value and help reduce the effects of flooding and soil erosion.

Soil stabilisation specialists

Soil Stabilisation and Ground Anchoring are our specialties at Qld Shotcrete services.

Our highly skilled concreters will deliver a shotcrete Retaining Wall that not only reinforces your sloped or elevated landscape but also works as an excellent solution for runoff. Proper Soil Stabilisation and Ground Anchoring are the key to building any type of retaining wall.

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Retaining Walls


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