Ground Anchors are commonly used in the Residential construction industry as a soil stabilization method.

The engineering soil test determines what aspects of Ground Anchoring are required to build the correct foundations for the proposed residential construction.

Ground Anchoring in residential applications is generally used on a smaller scale making it a more cost-effective process.

From the soil test right through to the installation of Rock Bolts and Soil Nails Qld Shotcrete Services can construct all foundations for the build whether they be temporary or permanent.

Qld Shotcrete Services are experts in all Residential Ground Anchoring processes including:
• Soil Testing and Geotechnical Reports
• Installation of temporary and permanent Ground Anchors
• Installation of all Ground Anchoring techniques from Rock Bolts to Soil Nails
• Installation of piers and footings
• Steel Reinforcement

Qld Shotcrete services can cover all aspects of Ground Anchoring to ensure the Shotcreting process can commence on the best possible foundation for any residential construction.


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